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Helping owners develop happy, healthy horses by challenging the status quo of horse care.

The All Around Equine Expert

Hi, I’m Addy! At Prime Equine we offer holistic horsekeeping products, education & courses. 

From virtual classes, video tutorials to eBooks, we cover all aspects of a healthy horse from tip to tail!


Our Services

Caption Writing

With Horsetera, we alleviate the strain of posting by providing creative content for your business!

Equine Products

Browse our guides and variety of retail products for all your equine needs!

Online Courses

Learn about equine nutrition, hoof care, trail safety, and more with our online courses.


Creative Social Copy for

Are you an equine bodyworker, veterinarian, trainer or retailer? Is creating content the last thing on your mind (but you know it’s essential to grow your business)?

Introducing HORSETERA, where we provide you with a backlog of creative content relevant to your personal business!

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Our Products

Boutique Boarding

We offer big-barn amenities, with a homegrown atmosphere. Our goal is to give your horse a home that mimics how you would keep horses if they were in your own backyard!

Respite and rehab boarding is also available. Located just 10 minutes from the WCVM we have full stall rest, paddock care, exercise programs, appointment hauling, and more available to help ease your horse's recovery.


Our Courses

Hoof Care

Do you know what a healthy hoof looks like? This four-module course can be offered in-person, online, and soon to be on-demand!

Equine Nutrition

This course empowers you to gain knowledge in equine nutrition to make the best decisions for you, your horse and your budget.

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Trail & Wilderness Safety

80% of first aid  is the prevention of it! This one hour workshop covers the 80/20 rule, travel plans, emergencies, first aid kits, ride plans, and more.

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