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Hey Cowgirl!

Let's level up your competition on a sound, healthy horse!

Performance Horse Education

Hi I’m Addy! I can't wait to help you and your horse get the edge in the competition pen. 

At Prime Equine, I offer holistic equine education through online courses and 1-1 mentorship programs for cowgirls and their equine athletes who want to level up their performance on a sound and healthy horse.

Let me share my secrets to success with you and your performance horse.  There are two ways to work with me listed below, with options tailored to how you learn best.  

Adelle Stewart Prime Equine

Free Resources!

Grab these free resources to level up your preparation and performance!

How to help your horse go faster

Performance Edge Guide

Get my insider secrets for
improving your horse's
Equine First Aid Kit Checklist

First Aid Checklist

Don't leave home without this comprehensive kit in your trailer!

Ways I Can Help You Level Up:

On-Demand Courses

My online courses are self paced and you have lifetime access to them to watch over and over!


Virtual 1-1 Consults

If you are short on time, or learn better from direct interaction, I love working with horse owners 1-1. 


In-Person Clinics

 I would love to come to your barn and hang out! I have limited availability to travel so be sure to contact me early!

Business Services

Let's talk shop!  If you have big horse business dreams or need help with writing and marketing, I've got you covered!


What Other Cowgirls Say:

Having acquired our first cushings case less than a year ago, I did as much research as I could about what feeds/diet would be best suited for a performance horse with this condition. I was top dressing with several vitamins & concoctions marketed to support cushings horses & I thought I had selected a decent bagged feed. The salesperson told me it was safe and had the lowest NSC on the market. After a few months of use,  I just felt “something wasn’t right” with our horse. At that point I reached out to Addy.  I was blown away with her in depth report she did for us and “back to basics” type approach for this particular horse. She made up an easy to follow plan sourcing readily available products that seem to have our horse feeling great and WINNING!  I simply can not say enough good things about our experience with Prime Equine so far. 

- Donna 


Performance Horse Health Expert

I started riding horses at the age of 9, but the horse-bug had been instilled since birth.  Summer camps, trail rides, and coaching riding lessons at the stable I grew up at kept this young cowgirl busy and embedded in horses.

I enjoyed dabbling in numerous horse sports from barrel racing, gymkhana, western pleasure, english equitation, showmanship, to dressage; but nothing had me wanting to get out of bed at 5am to hit the road.  

My herd of horses was also constantly plagued by illness, injury, and lameness, which led me down a 10 year path of horse health education & certifications.

Fast forward and insert the fast paced sport of mounted shooting.  Once introduced to it, I needed to get back in the competition pen. 

Maximize Your Horse's Performance With These Online Courses

Screenshot (63).png

Hoof Care

Gain confidence in assessing if your horse's hooves, understand common & complex ailments of the hoof, learn how to track progress as well as develop framework in order to have a teamwork-based conversation with your trimmer.

Pasture to Performance

This course goes beyond providing you with a basic guideline of when to walk, trot, lope; instead it provides you the education and exercise physiology in order to determine the best path to return your athlete to fitness, as your own horse's expert

P2P cover photo.png
FTPH course cover.jpg

Feeding the Performance Horse

Nutrition is the foundation of a horse's ability to perform, recover, & win. In this course you will learn how to look past labels & marketing in order to assess your horse's true needs as an athlete to get the edge in the performance pen.

Horsetera copywriting

Creative Social Copy for

Are you an equine bodyworker, veterinarian, trainer or retailer? Is creating content the last thing on your mind (but you know it’s essential to grow your business)?

Introducing HORSETERA, where we provide you with a backlog of creative content relevant to your personal business!

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