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Mounted Shooting on horse

Nice to meet you cowgirl!

My name is Addy, and I  am a holistic performance horse expert. As a competitive mounted shooter, it's important that performance horse owners have the opportunity to become an expert in equine athlete care & performance support. 

 Over the last 15 years having dedicated my life to studying equine nutrition, hoof care, body work, alternative therapy,  

medical intervention, horse training and equine fitness, I am excited to share that knowledge with you.

Through my platform at Prime Equine, I help fellow cowgirl competitors excel at their sport on sound, healthy horses.

A fun fact about me: I live full time out of my horse trailer, and chase the competition trail from Alberta Canada all the way down to Arizona!

Through trials and tribulations with almost every horse I’ve owned; I painstakingly have taken each tough lesson learned and turned them into blessings. From major issues such as dysfunctional TMJ joints, double DDFT lacerations, heaves, facet joint arthritis, navicular, founder, disc bulges; to osteophytes, soft tissue damage and compensatory posture, I has seen a lot of what there is to see that can go wrong with our equine athletes.

Each lesson learned has created the foundation of Prime Equine. My experience in equine ailments led me to obtaining my Equine First Aid & Advanced Wilderness First Aid Instructor Certifications from Equi-Health Canada. I spent three years teaching horse owners the skills of how to respond to an emergency before retiring to focus on a whole-horse approach to horse owner education.

horse health horse check-up

I began recognizing there were horse owners out there who like me were going through the “school of hard knocks” when it came to horse keeping. Since then I have focused my business on educating horse owners on all the different nooks and crannies of keeping performance horses healthy.

In addition to being a retired EFA Instructor, I hold multiple certifications including Equine Kinesiology Taping  Craniosacral Technique & Laser therapies, Medical Intuition Certification, and Equine Energy Medicine Level 1 & 2 from Twila Hayes. In addition, I have completed multiple courses from Dr. Eleanor Kellon including:
• NRC Plus
• Nutrition for Performance Horses
• Nutrition as a Therapy
• Cushings & IR Nutrition
• Arthritis & Other Lameness
• Reading Radiographs

I am a self-taught barefoot trimmer and hoof health advocate, after having to take the rehabilitation of my “navicular” diagnosed horse littlebit into my own hands. After successfully rehabilitating her, the entire heard of my horses and donkeys as well as a small number of outside horses came into my care, that resulted in numerous case studies of improved hooves and soundness. Then came the online course “Hoof Care For Horse Owners” to help educate owners in assessing hoof health as well as having constructive conversations with their trimmers and farriers.

I do 75% of my own equine body work after attending numerous clinics, reading rehabilitation and anatomy books and watching videos from the likes of Manolo Mendez and Dr. Kerry Ridgeway. Complimenting my “prehab”  routines are check ups with a certified osteopath or body worker, and utilizing microcurrent therapies on my horses every week.

horse hoof care
women petting horse prime equine

I believe that horse owners have a responsibility to be able to hold an educated conversation with all of the equine professionals in their horses life, from their farrier, body worker, vet, dentist, nutritionist and more, as well as encouraging horse owners to obtain second opinions and question answers they receive, by promoting the fact that no one knows their horse better than they do, and we are the only advocate they have!

Over the last 15 years educating  myself on horse health,  in 2022 I was able to put my knowledge to the test and step foot back in the performance pen and I can assure you: it works. 


adelle stewart credentials prime equine
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