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Boutique Boarding

We offer big-barn amenities, with a homegrown atmosphere. Our goal is to give your horse a home that mimics how you would keep horses if they were in your own backyard! Horses are kept in small mixed herds, with 24/7 access to 30+ acre pastures. They have shelter, trees, room to roam and converse with each other in their herd, and the horses in other pastures.


General Amenities:

  • Exceptional quality hay with annual forage analysis provided to all boarders.

  • Isulated barn with radiant heat & 5 stalls, 2 tie stalls, water, feed room, blanket racks & tack room.

  • Heated shop with fridge & storage space

  • Trailer parking

  • Hay shed for squares storage (if needed)

  • Equine First Aid Responder on-site

  • New horses are always introduced to the herds via a 7-14 day stay in our "introduction pens." Where they get to know both the main herds via a safe, sturdy 5' rail fence. We have a very specific way of introducing new horses to each other, which you can find details on in our blog!

Riding Amenities:

  • New 2022: 110x220 outdoor arena to complement our existing 65x165 outdoor arena with sand footing. The smaller arena will then be permanently set with jumps, obstacles, barrels, bridges for training.

  • 9-acre field used for winter riding or cross-training

  • Miles of quiet roadside access for trail riding, & multiple pre-plant and post-harvest fields to enjoy

  • We are located within 15 minutes from Grasswood Horse Park, Prairieland Ag Centre, Willow Ridge, Wruck Riding Centre, Cranberry Flats, and many other private stables & places to ride.


Extra Services:

  • Exercise programs available on our 60’ free walker

  • Equine Solarium sessions

  • Microcurrent therapy sessions

  • Nutrition consultations

  • Hoof care consultations

  • Blanket & Grain service

  • Equine first aid lessons (leg wrapping, vitals, wound care, backcountry riding safety, etc).

  • First access to appointments at our “Whole Horse Health Days” held three times per year where we bring in equine dentistry, osteopathy, thermal imaging, laser therapy and other professionals for a tune up for your horse!

Group Pasture Board Amenities:

  • 40 & 30 acre pastures

  • Interior electric & pipe fencing

  • 3-sided shelters and natural tree bluffs

  • Salt & heated auto water

  • 24/7 slow-feed bales for winter

  • Straw bedding in winter

  • Feeding stations cleared regularly all winter.

  • $300/month plus GST


Private Pasture Board *Currently Full*

  • Private 2-acre pasture suitable for two to three horses (ideal for one owner with multiple horses!)

  • 4-sided shelterbelt with an abundance of trees & rolling landscape and mini-forest for exploring

  • Private insulated barn shelter

  • Sand corral, heated auto waterer, salt

  • Pasture grazing in summer and slow feed netted bales in winter

  • Straw bedding in winter, corrals and feeding areas cleared monthly in winter

  • 2 horses $700/month, 3 horses $1000/month, plus GST.

Paddock Board Amenities:

  • 60x100’ Private paddock

  • Fully sheltered with windbreaks and south facing shelter

  • Heated auto waterer

  • Private 20x15’ insulated barn shelter with power & storage room

  • Slow feed netted bale

  • Pens cleaned bi-weekly in winter and daily in summer

  • Best for 2 horses that live together as when the herds are out at pasture they can be out of sight

  • $400/month plus GST

Convalescent and Rehabilitation Board (Availability Varies)

We also offer short-term board for horses recovering from injury, or even for horses who are fit and competing, but maybe you want to hit the lake for the week and don’t want them to lose their edge! We can keep your horse conditioned on our free walker, spoil them with solarium and microcurrent sessions while you soak up the sun on your vacation!

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