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Attention All Elite Cowgirls!

Are you ready to ride faster, turn tighter, and compete with more confidence than ever before? Then saddle up and take a journey with me, because I’m about to reveal the secret to peak performance in the arena – and it starts from the ground up!

"No Hoof, No Horse." This isn't just a saying—it's a competitive edge, and it's one you need.

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INTRODUCING: The Ultimate 1-1 Hoof Care & Analysis Mentorship 

Whether you're running circles in barrel racing, aiming at targets in mounted shooting, or capturing the breakaway roping scene, the difference between first and the crying hole often rests on the foundation of your horse. That foundation? Their hooves.

DID YOU KNOW: Just 1cm of extra toe length creates 100lbs of torque on the tendons in the back of your horse's leg? This isn't just about momentary speed—it's about the longevity of your horse's performance and health.

THE TRUTH: If you've been noticing issues in your horse's speed, turning agility, or overall stamina, it might not be a training issue. The problem might be right beneath your feet.


Hoof Care

With my tailored 1-1 hoof care coaching and analysis, I'm offering you the chance to:

  1. Deep Dive into understanding the intricate details of hoof anatomy.

  2. Spot early signs of hoof issues, prevent bigger problems and safeguard your horse's performance longevity.

  3. Learn and implement the best practices in hoof care, breakover identification, and fixing flares—THE RIGHT WAY!

  4. Engage in productive, proactive conversations with your farrier. Know when it's time for a change, and be empowered to make that decision!


I get it. The rodeo life is demanding, and sometimes you don't have the luxury of time. That's why I've made it incredibly simple for you. In my 1-1 coaching sessions, I provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand hoof analysis tailored to YOUR horse, alongside actionable changes or even virtual trimming consults. This ensures your horse is always ready and raring to take on the next challenge.

BECAUSE REMEMBER: Every part of your horse is interconnected. A hoof imbalance can ripple throughout their body, affecting their agility, strength, and overall performance.


Consider this: You're not just investing in immediate performance gains, you're setting the stage for long-term success. This isn't just about shaving seconds off your times in the pen—it's about ensuring you and your horse continue to enjoy this incredible journey together for years to come.


Are you ready to give your horse the foundation they truly deserve? Are you ready to elevate your game and dominate the competition? It's time to become an expert on ALL things concerning your horse—and that journey starts with their hooves.

👢 LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE EACH MONTH! Secure your 1-1 consultation TODAY and unlock your horse's untapped potential.

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Overall Horse Care Consult

Get the insights you need with a 1-1 consult with Addy!
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