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An opportunity to experience Team Building at an event as unique as your organization!

Tailored to you - we have a multitude of "outcomes" for you to choose from which will undoubtedly sharpen your team's skills in a lasting, positive, fun and memorable way!

Equine Assisted Leadership Workshops are all about Experiential Learning. 

Let's Get Out of the Boardroom!!




In this day and age, with four generations in the workforce, 16 different personality types, 5 love languages, gender diversity, and cultural hubs it’s no wonder organizations are struggling to keep it all together!

EAL team building events are more than just “rah-rah” sessions to improve group dynamics and improve morale. They can deliver instant results that promote lasting change. Our unique approach will help build character and improve communications, and allow management and employees to connect on a deeper level.


Horses can identify and bring forward an individual’s struggle or barrier immediately and provide a skilled facilitator with an opportunity to identify an individual’s character trait, of which facilitators utilize as “teachable moments”.


  • Horses don’t judge or assume, but they constantly assess and react to stimulus.

  • Their feedback is honest and instant.

  • Learning to listen to what horses have to say is powerful and can help spur individual change.

  • By including horses in specially designed educational exercises, equine-assisted facilitators have greatly multiplied the participant’s rate of success to self discovery.

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In Our Corporate Workshops You Will:

  • Come to understand your leadership style while helping your team effectively reach their goals

  • Become a mindful team member that magnifies and multiplies your resources

  • Gain a greater understanding of self and awareness of others

  • Recognize the need to constantly adapt in order to facilitate change which will lead to success

  • Unlock the barriers that prevent individuals from effectively working together

Our Team Building and Leadership Workshops are ALL ABOUT COLLABORATION!  While many team building events focus on competition, this platform is all about working together, recognizance of self and others to complete the lessons our "teachers" (the horses) are providing us! 

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