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History of Equine Assisted Learning:

Prime Equine is Certified in Cartier Farms Building Block EAL Programming.  In 2007 Cartier Farms partnered with the Saskatchewan Horse Federation, launching the first nationally recognized Equine Assisted Learning Certification Program.  Internationally acknowledged for their EAL formula and curriculum's innovative approach to behavioral modification while using horses, this EAL program was also the recipient of the Samuel McLeod Business Award for Innovative Programming.  

In 2009 Cartier Farms became the focus of a collaborative community-based research project through the University of Saskatoon, University of Regina, and University of Calgary to study how horses assist in the healing of First Nation's youth who abuse solvents.  This research was released in 2013 and can be found through the Addictions Research Chair Website (Colleed Dell, PH.D) and as well through the document links below.

EAL - In the News

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