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Are You Ready to Transform Your Horse's Performance with the Ultimate Hoof Care Course?

Dive into the World of Hoof Care with my Comprehensive Online Course, "Hoof Care for Performance Horse Owners!"

horse hoof care

Hey there, Cowgirls and Performance Horse Enthusiasts! You're just a click away from mastering the art and science of hoof care. Barrel racing, mounted shooting, breakaway roping – whatever your sport, my foundational course empowers you to ensure your horse’s hooves are optimized for peak performance!

Why "Hoof Care for Performance Horse Owners?" 

Your horse’s hooves are more than just feet. They are complex structures that play a crucial role in their health, well-being, and performance in competitions. Understanding and caring for them is not just a job for the farrier – it's YOUR responsibility to know if you have the right professional in your barn.

This is where my course “Hoof Care for Performance Horse Owners” steps in! Designed for critically thinking cowgirls like you, this course equips you with the knowledge, techniques, and confidence to assess and ensure the optimal state of your horse's hooves.

Course Highlights

Module 1: Analyzing Hoof Anatomy - Unlock the Secrets of a Healthy Hoof! 

· Dive into the intricate world of hoof structure and its role in soundness. 

· Explore micro-tips, common ailments, and learn to assess a hoof like a pro. 

· Confused about confirmation vs posture? We've got you covered! 

horse hoof care hoof anatomy

Module 2: To Shoe or Not to Shoe - Navigate the Great Debate! 

· Uncover common shoeing problems and learn how to size, fit, and transition between shoes. 

· Barefoot or shoe-prep trims? Understand the difference and track progress for the best care. 

horse hoof shoeing

Module 3: The Importance of Diagnostics - Track Progress Like a Professional! 

· Delve into diagnostics, from taking quality photos to marking them for analysis. 

· Learn about radiographs and the tricks to ensure you receive the best images from your vet. 

horse diagnositics hoof

Module 4: The Responsibility of Horse Owners in Hoof Care - Your Guide to Excellence! 

· Get inspired by Littlebit's story and discover your role in hoof care. 

· From nutrition to tools of the trade, learn to trim and create the ideal hoof habitat. 

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned cowgirl, this course is tailored to elevate your skills and understanding of hoof care. If your horse’s performance matters to you, then this course is a must!

Hoof Care

But don't just take my word for it...

"The Hoof Care for Horse Owners program is SO worth watching, gave me a great understanding of my horses' feet and visuals so I know what to look for."

- Michelle T

About the Instructor: Addy Stewart

With six years of experience, a passion for hoof care, and a unique story of self-learning, Addy Stewart is an authority in the field. From rehabbing her own horse’s hooves to sharing all she knows to followers at Prime Equine, my mission is to help you become exceptional in understanding your horse. 

This course was peer reviewed by a professional farrier from Alberta, Canada, and my trim methods were given an “A” by one of Canada's leading farriers and developer of the COBIT, Ross Smith. This course guarantees quality, knowledge, and success!

hoof trim horse hoof care

Invest in yourself, your horse, and your success. Let me guide you through the world of hoof care, and watch your horse perform like never before!

hoof care for horse owners online course

Hoof Care for Horse Owners

Learn the biomechanics and anatomy to assess and advocate for your horse.
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