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Lazaris Nerve Release

Created by Celeste Lazaris, this proprietary manual therapy is the first of its kind. It is focused around releasing suspected nerve impingements, specifically focusing around alleviating restrictions around the brachial plexus and lumbosacral plexus.  Releasing the equine body with this modality is especially essential for western speed event horses such as barrel racers, breakaway ropers, mounted shooters, cow horse and reiners. 

Lazaris Nerve Release

What Nerve Release Can Accomplish

  • Reduce fascial tension that might be preventing your horse from accessing their full range of motion (that means max speed!)  

  • Release nerve compression and free up neural pathways so your horse’s body can talk to itself faster and with more ease (faster recovery from racing and injury)

  • Improve posture, proprioception and blood flow 

  • Release bracing and muscles stuck in flexion 

NOW for a limited time in Arizona: host a nerve release demo at your barn and get your horse worked on for free, plus priority scheduling in the future!

Lazaris Nerve Release

Signs Your Horse Can Benefit From Nerve Release

  • Decreased performance 

  • Undiagnosed or diagnosed lameness  

  •  Muscle asymmetry   

  • “Behavioral” mannerisms (bucking, biting, flinching, kicking, spooking) 

  • Cross firing 

  • Ear or head shy 

  • Postural compensations: 

  • Toed in 

  • Camped under 

  • Roached lumbar 

  • Lack of topline 

The truth is: any performance horse can benefit

from Nerve Release. 

But don't just take my word for it...

“We were right in the middle of our longest competition run of the season.  Nothing was “wrong” and Vegas was working well, but I had Adelle do a nerve release session on him between weekends.  After the first session I noticed he was more relaxed and fluid.  By the third session he made milestone improvements such as picking up his right lead more easily, was running harder and faster than he had in our prior runs and the overall change in his posture was obvious.”

- Kendra K, SL3 Mounted Shooter

How Do Nerves Become Compressed?

  • Conventional training methods  

  • Competition 

  • Living arrangements  

  • Trailering/Hauling 

  • Compensation patterns 

  • Ulcers 

  • Pull back episodes 

  • Bitting/Bridle/Tack fit 

  • Basically, if you ride them, they need nerve release!

Lazaris Nerve Release

Why should I choose Nerve Release over all the other modalities on the market? 

I don’t want you to choose Nerve Release instead of other modalities, I want you to use it in conjunction with them!  LRN practitioners have worked with all equine body work professionals from osteopaths, massage therapists, PEMF practitioners, veterinarians, MFR, and more. It takes a village to keep our equine athletes in tip top shape.  

Equine nerve release found a place in my barn as a missing link that all of my “prehab” efforts had not been able to fully solve. 

The horse’s body was created with the power to heal itself, but the degree to which it can do that is limited by vascular flow, neuro pathways, kinetic lines, and myofascial freedom, just to name a few. 

Lazaris Nerve Release facilitates the health and restoration of those key players that keep our horse in the arena. Used as a precursor to all other bodywork options, Nerve Release can help other treatments last longer, go deeper and work more conjunctively.  Human athletes don’t just have one modality keeping them at their peak performance, and our horses are no different. 

Lazaris Nerve Release

Regularly Serving the Greater Phoenix area including: 

  • Buckeye/ Tonopah (weekly) 

  • West Valley (weekly) 

  • Cave Creek/New River/Rio Verde (monthly) 

  • Gilbert/Chandler/Queen Creek (monthly) 

  • Maricopa/Casa Grande (monthly) 

Additional Services Include: 

  • Cold Laser

  • Kinesiology Taping

  • Surefoot Therapy Pads

Horse Nerve Release
Horse Lazaris Nerve Release
Lazaris Equine Nerve Release
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