Tuesday is a 15 year old mare.  She has lived at the ranch for the last 8 years.  Tuesday has been a successful riding horse in many areas, including cutting, barrel racing, and dressage.  When Tuesday was 12, she was diagnosed with asthma, so she is not able to compete anymore.  She now loves her new job as an EAL teacher!

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littlebit is a 9 year old mare, who has lived at Prime Equine since she was 5 months old!  littlebit has the kindest and biggest heart of any horse and she loves being part of the team.  Her favorite thing to do is hang out in her stall in the barn!



Shotgun is a 7 year old gelding who has lived at Prime Equine his whole life.  He is also still a riding horse and loves to work in the arena and go out on trail rides.



Ticket is a 7 year old pony, who just joined the farm in late 2018.  She may be small but she has a big heart!  She is extremely gentle, loves hugs and to be brushed.  Ticket is also one of the main riding horses at the farm.



Patron is a 4 year old miniature donkey, but he kind of acts more like a dog! He has lived at Prime Equine since 2016.  In 2018 Patron joined in on our Youth EAL classes, and was a huge hit!



Paloma is an 8 year old female miniature donkey.  She came to live at Prime Equine in 2018, after finishing a career as a show donkey! She is settling in to her new life, and participated in her first EAL classes this fall!



Jag is an 8 year old Paint gelding.  He has lived at the farm since May.  He is actually an "adopted" EAL horse, as he is a boarder at Prime Equine.  His horse-mom lets us use him in our programming because of his quiet confident nature.  Jag LOVES carrots and teaching humans.



Prime Equine is owned and operated by Adelle Stewart, just outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Adelle has over 20 years' experience in business, and has traveled nationally to speak and educate about mental health.  She has over 25 years' experience with horses; including showing, competing, lessons and stable management.

Chris McKee & Kallie Wood

Chris and Kallie own Converging Pathways, out of Moose Jaw, SK.  Kallie runs Equine Assisted Therapy programs in Moose Jaw, and we are very proud to have them on board as our Indigenous Advisors for our programming.

Check out more information on them on our partners page.