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Equine Facilitated Mental Health Support

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Before opening Prime Equine, Adelle spent over 20 years' working with Bridges Health, Saskatchewan's largest multidisciplinary workplace wellness resource.   Through working with long term and short term disability claims, absence management and attendance support, mental health has always been a prominent or co-morbid factor in many individual's recovery.

Since 2016, Adelle has focused mainly on mental health and wellness initiatives, and Equine Assisted Learning provided the most obvious vehicle to make impact and lasting change in people's lives.  


Prime Equine prides itself in journeying alongside you with programs intended for assisting youth at risk, PTSD sufferers, mood disorders, and those who struggle  with engaging in talk therapy; programming that builds trust and respect in a safe environment.


In the Indigenous culture, horses are described as truth-tellers that offer safe touch – these gentle giants have a calming effect that’s magnified by their size and empathy.

Over 75% of mental illnesses begin before an individual turns 18.  

One in three people will experience a mental illness or addiction in their lifetime.

One in ten children will experience a mental illness in their youth.


Our mental health and addictions programming is centered around supporting and complimenting professional help.  Our programs are therapeutic, but not meant to replace medical therapy.  At the same time, there does not need to be a diagnosed mental illness for our programming to assist and make lasting change.  

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