Everything you need in the event of an emergency! 


This kit has been developed, tried, and tested by Prime Equine's owner, Adelle Stewart.  Adelle has had everything known to man happen to her horses, and has developed this kit to answer the emergency call!


As a previously certified equine first aid instructor, trust that everything you need is in this kit, in full size, and will last you for years (or many, many incidents!)


Conveniently housed in a double-decker wheeled kit, it is easy to transfer this kit from the barn, to the trailer, to the field.  


No barn should be without a kit like this - and we are so passionate about that - if you would rather source and build your own kit, we will send you our recommended list of supplies free of charge.


These kits are built upon order, and require 10 days to produce.

Delux Equine First Aid