Our first time creating a super value bundle for horse owners!


With over a 20% savings, you will receive:


Access to our four-module Hoof Care for Horse Owners course, which covers everything from learning to analyze hoof anatomy, discussing the pros and cons of shoes, understanding diagnostics, the role of nutrition, and the responsibility of horse owners in hoof care.


Simplifying Supplements Guide and Workbook.  Breaking down over 50 popular supplements, our guide takes the guesswork out of what is in compareable products.  If your product isn't on our list, you can look it up and continue to build out your own list in our editable workbook!


Forage Calculator - Simply insert your hay analysis into this workbook and it will calculate your nutritional deficiencies!  You can then cross-compare this to the Supplement Workbook to find the best solution for your horse!





Horse Health Bundle