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Elevate Your Competition Skill and Speed in the Performance Pen with Expert Guidance

Welcome to my exclusive virtual consultation sessions designed to empower cowgirls seeking to excel in the exhilarating world of barrel racing, mounted shooting, and breakaway roping! As a performance horse expert, I am dedicated to helping you reach new heights in your chosen rodeo discipline.
My tailored one-on-one sessions, each spanning 60 minutes, provide you with personalized insights, strategies, and techniques to optimize your performance and shave off those precious seconds in the competition arena. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or just starting your journey, our focused consultations are designed to fine-tune your skills, amplify your connection with your equine partner, and make a lasting impact on your success in the performance pen.

equine nutrition consult mounted shooting performance horse

Equine Nutrition Consult

An in depth review of your horse's diet and customized recommendations.
horse hoof analysis hoof trim

Hoof Analysis Consult

Let's take a look at your athletes angles and ensure they are set up to succeed!
adelle stewart prime equine

Overall Horse Care Consult

Get the insights you need with a 1-1 consult with Addy!
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