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Unlock Your Horse's Ultimate Performance with My "Pasture to Performance" Course!

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Hey there, Cowgirl! 

Is your horse coming off a period of rest or injury and you’re unsure about the path back to peak performance? Have you been searching for the perfect blueprint to mold your horse into a lean, mean, athletic machine?

Enter "Pasture to Performance" – the ultimate course for the critically thinking cowgirl eager to bring your equine partner from zero to hero!

Why Choose "Pasture to Performance"?

For too long, most training programs have offered a mere checklist – walk, trot, lope – rinse and repeat. But, darling, we both know that's not how a champion is made. What if you could get your hands on a scientifically-backed, meticulously crafted and individualized plan that goes beyond the basic checklist? One that teaches you not only WHAT to do but WHY you're doing it?

Course Highlights

Introduction: Reconditioning After Time Off 

  • Ever wondered how long it'll take to get your horse back in shape? We break it down! 

  • A horse off for 3 months starts at a fitness level of zero. But with our complimentary Off Season Exercises for Equines and a little bit of prehab, they won’t stay there for long.

Module 1: Conditioning Vs. Schooling 

  • Dive deep into the three types of conditioning every horse needs. 

  • It’s not just about the cardio; discover the difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic conditioning, as well as the difference between strength, suppling, and cardio.

Module 2: Recruiting the Right Muscles 

  • Unlock the secrets of activation versus stretching. 

  • Master proprioception and optimize your horse's posture with tools like Tensor bandages, Surefoots, and deep tissue release techniques.

Module 3: Sport Specific Conditioning 

  • Go from activation to sport-specific conditioning for disciplines like Barrel Racing, Mounted Shooting, and Roping 

  • Master drills like the Teardrop, Hourglass, Spirals, and Sprints to push your horse's potential to the limits.

Module 4: Maintenance & Beyond 

  • Your horse is fit, but how do you maintain that fitness in a competition regime? We've got you covered. 

  • Equip yourself with programs that support your horse's holistic wellbeing.

horse conditioning

And keep an eye out! We're soon launching "Leveling up your Performance Horse" to take your game even higher!

Imagine... by the end of this course, not only will your horse be in the best shape of their life, but YOU'LL be the expert on your horse’s fitness. Armed with knowledge, tools, and techniques, you'll confidently march into any competition arena, knowing you've left no stone unturned in your preparation.


horse health hoof fitness


horse health horse fitness
Hoof Care

With "Pasture to Performance," you'll:

Take Control: Stop relying on generic advice and become the expert of your horses. 

Maximize Potential: Unlock the secrets of equine exercise physiology. 

Witness Growth: See your horse's strength and stamina soar like never before.

How am I equipped to help you get your horse fit? 

First and foremost, I’m a horse owner, just like you. I have competed in multiple disciplines from pole bending, barrel racing, and western dressage, and then took a break (a forced one) from the competition pen, plagued by equine injuries I later learned could have been prevented. 

I got myself educated in equine first aid, performance horse fitness, nutrition, hoof care, and decided to hit the arena again, this time in the sport of mounted shooting. After my first year in the pen, it’s pretty common for me to win money and buckles at most of the shoots I attend. And when I don’t – it’s not because my horse isn’t fast enough, it’s because I missed a target! 

As a mounted shooter, we have to: run barrels, weave poles, and acquire targets with our revolvers. So even if your sport of choice is can chasing – I understand the requirements of the sport and more importantly the burst speed and acceleration you need your partner to perform with.

barrel racing mounted shooting

Cowgirl, it's time to saddle up and bring your horse's performance from the pasture to the pinnacle!

pasture to performance horse online course

Pasture to Performance

Returning your equine athlete to fitness after time off.
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