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Introducing "Feeding the Performance Horse"

Revolutionizing Nutrition for the Competitive Edge!

championship buckles performance horse

Hey there, fierce cowgirl competitor! 

I know you're relentless in the performance pen, with a burning desire to take your horse's accolades to the next level. But what if you learned that the key to shaving off those precious seconds in barrel racing, elevating accuracy in mounted shooting, and mastering the swift art of breakaway roping wasn't just in the practice, but on your horse’s plate? 

Enter Addy, your resident performance horse health expert. 

Having been in your boots and feeling the exhilaration of accepting that coveted buckle, Addy recognized the game-changer wasn't just in training techniques. It was in feeding right. And now, she's bundled all her horse nutrition expertise into an on-demand course that's about to revolutionize how you think about your horse's diet. 

Course Highlights

1. Simple Yet Foundational Recipes: Tried and tested by Addy herself, these recipes have powered her horses to victory.

2. Cut Through the Marketing Gimmicks: Discover the raw truth about horse feeds and learn to differentiate between genuine nutrition and mere hype. 

3. Customized Nutritional Blueprint: Every horse is unique. Design a balanced diet suited to your horse's specific needs, ensuring they're always in top competition shape.

Hoof Care

But don't just take our word for it...

"Having acquired our first cushings case less than a year ago, I dove into research. Though I thought I had selected the best feed, something felt off. That's when I turned to Addy. Her 'back to basics' approach and in-depth report for our horse was transformative. Using readily available products, our horse not only feels amazing but is WINNING! Prime Equine's guidance has been invaluable." 

Donna Bierbach, 1Y Quarter Horses

Now, ask yourself: How many times have you second-guessed the feed you're giving your performance horse? How often have you wished for a trustworthy, easy-to-follow plan? Your solution is right here.

Why "Feeding the Performance Horse" is a MUST for every competitor:

1. Go Faster: Unlock unparalleled speed and agility by fueling your horse right. 

2. Perform Better: Say goodbye to fatigue and lethargy in our burst speed events. Witness a reinvigorated horse that's raring to go every time. 

3. Achieve True Balance: Navigate the minefield of horse nutrition with Addy's expert guidance.

mounted shooting performance horse

Don't let marketing ploys deter you. Don't let misinformation hold you back. It's time to provide your horse with the diet it truly deserves. It's time to feed for victory.

feeding the performance horse online course

Feeding the Performance Horse

Maximizing your equine athlete's effort and ability through performance-based feeding.
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