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"Helping the Average Horse Owner - Become Exceptional!"

Hoof Care for Horse Owners!

Your horse counts on you to advocate for him!  Do you know what a healthy hoof looks like?  Do you know how to have a fact-based conversation with your trimmer?  Does something seem off but you're just not sure what?

Whether you want to learn to trim yourself one day, identify red flags, or be better able to advocate for a change in the way your horse is trimmed - this course is for you!

This four-module course can be offered in-person, online, and soon to be on-demand!

Hoof Care for Horse Owners covers:

 Module 1 - Analyzing Hoof Anatomy:

- What are the structures of the foot, what role do they play in soundness. 

- Micro-tips I have found over the years that are pinnacle to the overall structure of a healthy hoof. 

- Common ailments and their impacts on the horse's body

- Identifying and assessing a hoof (flares, contracted heels, frog atrophy, digital cushion, negative plantar angles, underrun heels and more).

- Confirmation vs posture  

Module 2 - To Shoe or Not to Shoe:

- Common problems with shoes and their root causes

- Shoe fit, perimiter vs structure, sizing and more

- Requirements for successful shoeing 

- Transitioning out of shoes

- Barefoot trims vs shoe-prep trims - the difference.

- Tracking progress in trims and shoe cycles

Module 3 - The Importance of Diagnostics

- Types of diagnosics

- Tracking progress

- How to take proper photos for tracking

- Marking up photos to analyze change

- Radiographs, their importance, and tricks to ensure you receive quality images 

Module 4 - The Responsibility of Horse Owners in Hoof Care

- Littlebit's story - the horse that got me into hoof care

- The role of nutrition in hoof care

- Creating the ideal hoof habitat

- Tools of the trade

- How you can learn to trim too - if you want to!

Check our events page for live sessions, contact us for private/in-person events, and coming soon will be HCFHO on demand!

About the Instructor:


Adelle Stewart has been trimming horses for 5 years.  She has a unique story about being forced to take hoof care into her own hands when her good saddle horse came up lame.  With no obvious diagnostic as to why (after xrays, ultrasounds, MRI, etc) Adelle began to dig deeper and thought her mare's feet looked "weird."  Despite being told they were "fine" - Adelle began to learn to trim herself by watching online videos, paying for a professional trimmer in Pennsylvania mark up hoof photos and track her progress.   Adelle attended a symposium in 2018 at the WCVM with Dr. Robert Bowker, who advocated for everything Adelle had been taught so far.  She knew she was on the right path at that point (combined with the fact she had rehabbed her own horse with her trimming).  She began sharing her knowledge of hoof care with her customers and audience at Prime Equine.  One rehabbed horse became 2, 3, 4 and more horses of her own herd whose feet got healthier, and horses sounder.  Adelle does not take outside customers although has rehabbed several outside horses on special exemption.  Her passion is for helping the average horse owner become excpetional, and understand as much about their horse as they can.


Hoof Care For Horse Owners has been professionally reviewed by a farrier from Alberta, Canada.

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before after shoes good.jpg


The equine feed and supplement business is a billion dollar industry. With new products coming on the market seemingly daily – it can be hard to keep up, if not become totally overwhelmed.

This seminar is about empowering YOU as a horse owner, in a safe space to learn and voice questions, understand ingredient lists and GA’s, to begin to gain knowledge in equine nutrition to make the best decisions for you, your horse and your budget.

This is a non-partisan event! We are representing no feed or supplement labels, so there is no ulterior motive to drive a particular product. What YOU want to know is our main agenda! Send us your preferred brands, feed labels and ingredients before the seminar and we will break them down with you as a group on this evening.

We will also talk about:
Understanding basic needs of equines
o Pasture pets, recreational riders, performance horses
o Hay analysis – how this could help your decision making
o How to break down a cost benefit analysis on a feed’s nutritional benefits vs cost per day
o How to reduce costs by understanding ingredients and mix your own feed

Demystifying Supplement Options
o Flax, fish, camelina, hemp, canola, corn - Oils and Omega’s are one of the hottest topics of the past few years! What are they, why do we feed them, understand their properties to gain knowledge to make your own decision on if your horse needs supplementation, and gain insight on how to choose the best option for you.
o Ulcers! Did you know 80% of performance horses and 50% of pasture horses have ulcers? How would you know if your horse is affected? We will show you some tips on recognizing ulcer pain, as well as talk about ulcer supplementation.
o Respiratory Support – A new study has come out indicating 80% of horses on a hay based diet suffer some form of respiratory inflammation or distress. Does your horse? We will review some early signs and symptoms, as well as talk about supplement ingredients available for respiratory health.
o No Hoof No Horse! So, if your horse is sound (right now), and their feet don’t crack – are they healthy? We will do a mini session on “reading feet” as well as talk about supplementation for hoof health, it’s not as complex as it may sound!
o And finally – joint health! How does the body support, absorb and utilize joint supplementation? Understanding your horse’s history, current and projected use can give you a great start on understanding if and what you may want to think about when it comes to supporting their joints, and we will go over the most popular joint supplement ingredients and their effects.


Trail and Wilderness Safety - Planning and Prevention

80% of first aid - is the prevention of it!  This one hour workshop (or webinar) covers:

  • 80/20 Rule

    • 80% of first aid is the prevention of first aid


  • Understanding Your Role In an Emergency         

    • What is your emergency reaction personality


  • What’s in Your First Aid Kit

    • What belongs in your trailer

    • What belongs in your saddle bags

    • What belongs on you at all times


  • Travel Plan. 

    • The details someone you are not traveling with needs to know


  • Ride Plan

    • Assessing horse and rider fitness


  • Evacuation plans

    • What are your plans B, C, D.

Contact us to host this event, either virtually or in person!



The Hansbo Sport ICM series combines two revolutionary therapies, Ceramic and Magnetic – which are typically found separately – into one dynamic product.

This innovative, dual action healing technology targets vulnerable areas of the horse – before, during and after hard work. With a focus on prevention and rehabilitation, our latest product line is also designed for optimal fit, function and style.

Hansbo Sport ICM wraps, rugs, boots, saddle pads and harnesses work by generating their own FIR radiation, giving the horse a greater feeling of well being, helping to prevent injuries, and increase the speed of healing.

Have you heard about Hansbo, but want to try before you buy? No problem!

Headed to a competition for the weekend and need an item you don't yet have? We've got it in stock.  

Did your horse act like a horse and has a little bump or bruise and you just need some therapy for a short time? We've got you covered.

Weekly rentals available:

Leg Wear: $20 a week

Rugs and Blankets: $40 a week

If you decide to buy, the rental fees will be applied to the purchase price.

Email us to arrange pick up.  

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