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Equine First Aid - Join us at a course on the home ranch - or have us bring the training to you!  
Prime Equine proudly teaches Equi-Health Canada, Equi-First Aid USA and International Board Certified Courses.  All participants receive a certificate of completion, comprehensive manual, and all of our courses are eligible for continuing education credits with many professional associations.

Equine Kinesiology Taping & Craniosacral services are offered on-farm only, please contact us for a haul in!


Kinesiology Taping has a wide variety of uses, from injury prevention, recovery, proprioception to enenergy/meridian flow.    Taping works by lifting the dermal layers of the skin, which assists in bringing blood flow to the taped area, which decreases swelling and edema, and therefore pain as well.   As a preventative measure taping can assist in preventing injury by offering support during competition and workouts, as well as can assist from post-injury recovery support.

Taping is offered on-ranch, $25 for regular tapings and $35 for meridian tapings.


Craniosacral therapy is a bodywork technique that addresses the craniosacral rhythm which is found in all animals.  This rhythm is similar to the animal's heartbeat, but is a result of the pumping of Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) rather than blood through the heart.

Animals who receive regular bodywork (massage and chiropractic) who have pattern of re-occuring issues (won't hold an adjustment, end up tight in the same areas shortly following a massage) can benefit from a combination of craniosacral therapy and other forms of bodywork. The craniosacral therapy will allow the animal to "unwind" the kinks and twists in their fascia that is caused from repeated stresses allowing their bodies to stay in alignment following a chiropractic adjustment or allowing the muscles and other soft tissues to remain less restricted longer following a massage.

Horses with tightness of the poll, TMJ, hyoid experience incredible releases from craniosacral therapy.

Craniosacral Therapy is offered on-ranch, $30 per session.



Equine First Aid is the assistance provided to your horse, until you can arrange veterinary care, preparing your horse for transport to the vet; or in extreme circumstances when a veterinarian is not available - what you can do for your horse.

This fun and interactive day will cover: 
- Rules of First Aid and your role
- How to take proper vital signs techniques and what to watch for
- Conditioning your horse to accept treatment
- Pain source identification 
- Alleviating back pain
- Stretching for injury prevention
- Assessing lacerations and punctures
- Understanding basic anatomy
- Proper bandaging techniques
- Wound care
- Digestive distress - Colic, Ulcers, Choke & what you can do until the vet arrives
- Cast recovery, collapse, and shock
- Hoof issues – recognition of early intervention protocols



This course is for previous equine first aid students, and/or the experienced horse owner (no pre-requisite class required) 

This Advanced course provides you extensive information for severe emergencies that require immediate intervention while waiting for your vet to arrive, proper preparation for transport to the vet, or in extreme cases, when veterinary intervention is not available. 

Hands on, interactive and fast paced - we will cover: 

- Confirmation traits - assessing a horse for the job you need them to do, also including health, habits, and vices
- Toxicity and poisoning - Identifying toxic plants - around home and beyond
- Biosecurity and Disease Transmission
- Sever Lacerations 
- Chest cavity punctures
- Burns, bites, poisoning
- Fractures
- Tendon, ligament, stifle damage
- Shock, hypothermia
- Exhaustion, heat stroke
- Rescuing trapped horses




It is a situation that no one wants to have to be prepared to handle. But without a plan, our farms and livestock are at greater risk during emergent situations. 

This clinic is going to be raw and real - as we learn together and practice hands on at our facility how to identify the risks on the property and in the barn, learn how to assess your property and make evacuation plans, and understand options in the event of an emergency situation!

This course is a must for ANY livestock owner, whether you live on your own farm, or you board your horses, and if you ever attend an equine facility with your four legged friend!

We will train you in:
- Fire prevention 
- Planning for and executing safe evacuation procedures
- Hidden dangers and responding to first aid emergencies. 

It also covers what to do in natural disasters such as flooding, wild fires, ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and more. Don't be unprepared - we can help you help your animals.