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Online & In-Person Courses

Helping the average horse owner become exceptional - our courses are available on-demand for the busy equestrian, or live (in-person or virtual) as a way to gather together with your friends and fellow riders for a day of fun and learning! 

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Feeding The Performance Horse is coming Summer 2023 - Be The First to Know (and get a discount code)!

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Hoof Care

Hoof Care for Horse Owners

Trail and Wilderness Safety


Pasture To Performance


Feeding The Performance Horse 

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Trail & Wilderness Safety

Holistic Animal Studies Online Horse Courses

These courses are all completed online, with video instruction as well as numerous downloads and reference guides. The courses are developed by Dr. Angelique Barbara, an equine veterinarian and chiropractor in Florida. 

Each course has a Facebook group where you are able to meet other students, ask questions of the moderators and continue to expand your learning! 

They have over 20 courses available and are adding to them all the time, you can browse them all here, but I will outline my few favorites below!

I took my first course from Holistic Animal Studies back in 2017 and became certified in equine kinesiology taping. It is a skill I have continued to use and expand on and recommend it for all equine professionals as well as horse owners! I use K-taping on my horses every time I haul long distances in the trailer, and the lymphatic taping methods are a life saver in horses that stock up! 

K-Taping for Horse Owners 


K-Taping for Equine Professionals (Certification provided)

Other courses I recommend are: 

Equine Massage for Horse Owners

Massage for Equine Professionals

Animal Reiki

Cold Laser Therapy


Neuromyofasical Release

Animal Communication 


They also have courses for dogs and cats, as well as a business course on how to use these certifications in your animal profession, and many of their courses are offered with deep discounts as bundles! Check them all out again here.

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