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Balance Through Movement Method
Intro to Pillar 1

" Pillar 1 All The Time"

    Have you seen all the hype surrounding the BTMM and its foundational postural influence it can have on your horse's entire body?  Let me be the first to tell you, this is not hype - it's going to make history.

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What Pillar 1 Can Accomplish

  • Improve your connection with your horse

  • Reduce your horse's fight or flight response

  • Teach your horse how to self regulate

  • Improve their posture

  • Release compensatory patterns

  • Build muscle

  • Set your horse up for Pillars 2 & 3

Pillar 1 is essential to getting the most out of an equine nerve release session

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Signs Your Horse Can Benefit From Pillar 1

  • Compensatory Posture (think "goat on a rock")

  • Roached lumbar 

  • Lack of topline 

  • "Bum high"

  • Recurring tension or lameness

  • Trouble progressing with training

The truth is: all horses should have access to Pillar 1

What Is Pillar 1

How Do Nerves Become Compressed?

The Balance Through Movement Method is a signature performance development training system created by Celeste Lazaris.  It was designed to help the horse achieve optimum balance and strength through specific development of the body, and mind.

The primary focus is on toning the nervous system and developing the body through supporting spinal integrity and as a result, protecting the body from nerve compression. 

What will we cover?

As an apprentice of the BTMM program, I offer introductory and support sessions for Pillar One.  

If you are enrolled in the BTMM Masterclass but need extra eyes to help you identify your horse's Pillar One as well as progressing in Pillar One from static to dynamic, we will cover this via distance (Zoom) sessions.

In these 30 minute sessions we will look at your current Pillar One attempts and I will offer feedback and suggestions that include your horse's current abilities, and how your own bodyand intentions affect their responses. 

We will end the session with homework and suggestions for progress, and when you are ready to move on to Pillars 2 and 3, or Pillar 1 under saddle I can help refer you to a BTMM Instructor for a more in depth 1:1

Pricing for Pillar One Support Sessions is $40 USD

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